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Boost wellness in mind body spirit

Welcome to FORêT

Boost wellness in mind body spirit

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Help improve your body’s general wellbeing and health and may even decrease your colon disease dangers.


Why gut cleansing is at the forefront of  health.


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“I was introduced to cleansing and fasting 16 years ago by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. In my 16 years of experience in the cleansing and fasting field I am yet to come across an enema kit that rivals the Foret enema. I find it to be of outstanding quality and construction. Easy to use and most importantly easy to use clean. I recommend it to all of my clients and friends.”
“I absolutely love my Foret tips. They are so soft and flexible which makes them very comfortable to insert. The tips are easy to clean. I have tried standard enema insertion tips a few times before I found Foret, and to tell you the truth I thought that enemas weren’t for me. Foret tips were a game changer for me. Everyone who wants to detox has to try Coffee Enemas”
Arrived on time and is as described. Looks like a quality product. Would purchase again from them!
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