FORET Enema Kit

  • CLEANSE BENEFITS: Relieve or cure chronic constipation, fatigue, gas, IBS, colitis, Crohn’s, indigestion, leaky gut, hemorrhoids; Remove toxins, candida; Flush parasites; Reduce inflammation, stomach bloating; Enhance weight loss, skin, breath, energy, serotonin. Foret helps heal your gut & liver, leaving your body cleaner, lighter & healthier
  • SOFTEST SILICONE TIP: We designed the BEST tip for deep irrigation hydrotherapy. Our premium 100% reusable 2 quart medical grade silicone is superior to rubber & latex. Long length prevents slippage + offers ultimate comfort & relief. Our Top Rated thinnest soft catheter makes insertion gentle, easy & pain free
  • GIFTS FOR YOU: Enjoy your Detoxing Foret Light 3 Day Cleanse + Travel Storage Bag. This includes extra liquid healing recipes for cleansing home enemas: aloe, probiotics, pure water saline solution to organic green coffee (Gerson Therapy Cancer Treatment recommended) to support clean health
  • NON TOXIC + SUSTAINABLE: Your ready to use open top set is made of the safest, highest quality materials for adult men & women & children: stainless steel metal hook, long tubing hose, strong pinch clamp, odorless silicone, and BPA & phthalates free PVC so you feel confident knowing your kit is as clean as the feeling it leaves you with.
  • WE’VE GOT YOUR BACK: New to enemas? Your kit comes with both extensive eco-friendly instructions and a printed 1page Simple How To Quick Guide. With our 100% money back guarantee, you either gain incredible cleansing benefits or lose nothing! Time for a makeover. You & your bum deserve the love.


FORET Enema Kit



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